We salute all of these young ladies who have represented Jefferson County⇒ on their many honors, great achievements and continuing success.

We are also very proud of each and everyone of the more than 1,300 participants in the Jefferson County Program over the past 45 years!

From the doctors, to the attorneys, to the entrepreneurs, to the “stay at home moms”, we say THANK YOU SO MUCH and count you among the most important and most cherished members of the Jefferson County Family!

In The Spirit,

The Jefferson County Board of Directors

2022- Julianne Abenoja

2021- Erin Lutomski

2020- Lauren Thrasher

2019- Emmy Beason

2018- Brooke Tarrant

2017- Sherry Wu

2016- Abigail Albritton

2015- Hannah Walter

2014- Sarah Grace McDuff

2013- Madeline Cawley

2012- Gina Maiola

2011- Anne Grace Schmidtke

2010- Meredith (Alvarez) Pickering

2009- Kathryn (Tully) Oelsner

2008- Sydnii Todd

2007- Jordan Dailey

2006- Katie (Burton) Sanchez 

2005- Meri-Glenn (Freeman) Yelverton

2004- Kadie Ann (Duren) Bourgoin

2003- Miranda (Yow) Wesley

2002- Tara Burns

2001- Carrie (Colvin) Alling

2000- Leslie Cooper Marquez

1999- Sally Spaulding

1998- Alicia (Principi) Whittington

1997- Tyrenda Williams- Reed

1996- Katie (Ince) McNinch

1995- Ashley Davenport

1994- Emily (Greer) Gary

1993- Ashley Halfman Hopp

1992- Jenni Crumpton

1991- Tiffanie (Wattleton) Sneed

1990- Tiffany (Moody) Godfrey

1989- Bea Bright

1988- April (Whitten) Allen

1987- Haley (Wilson) Buchman

1986- Holly (Renneker) Simmons

1985- Christa (Carns) Lidikay

1984- Emily (Schapmann) Stroud

1983- Amy (Matuszak) Wheless

1982- Debbie Webb

1981- Laurie (Kuehnert) Stroud

1980- Penny (White) Smith

1979- Vicki (Thompson) Young

1978- Gina (Harris) Maus

1977- Ann (Hinson) Downs

1976- Robin (Thigpen) Powell

1975- Ginger (Tidwell) Walker

1974- Brenda McDowell

1973- Lisa (Paden) Gaines

1972- Vanessa (Roby) Smith


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